Monday, October 03, 2005

Ending to Begin

A full evening of choreography...finished
It was, it was finished and they were wearing clothes, we had lights (thanks to Marnie Cumings' brillance) and amazing music (huge thanks to Soph and his brilliance)

A choreographer friend, Lynn Nueman (Artichoke Dance) said it perfectly, 1/4 of the job is choreography, 3/4 is management.

Its true...perhaps someday Kinesis Project dance theatre will graduate to having its very own Production Manager and its very own Adminstrative Assistant (these are the days I fantasize about) but for now, I will have interns (Ashley what happened to you?) and email press releases and write letters and make flyers and, and and...... dash out onto stage with the cast beaming after a successful performance that charged their adrenyline and ours!

here's a portion of the ADH cast:

Blair, Reiko, Ben, Nate, Jared, me, Zoe - missing are Gina and Cary

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