Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Short rant

Ever wonder why a certain song gets stuck in your head on repeat before you even know that you are experiencing the emotion that that particular song is expressing?


For instance, I had an arguement with an ex-boyfriend, and on my walk home, COMPLETELY unbidden "The End of The World" came whispering into my mind...you know the song "Why does the sun go on shining, why do the waves (something) the shore? don't they know, it's the end of the world, cause you don't love me anymore?"
The damn song was stuck in my brain, right up until he broke up with me a week later...
(nice right?)

Now, I know, and kind of knew then, that the song is a little melodramatic, but really, heartbreak feels like that...like there is a huge chamber of pain in the back of your head and your body has been hollowed out like a jack-o-lantern....waiting for a light.

Or, thinking of someone who is still in your mind and heart in a very quiet way, and Joni Mitchell starts to sing "You said love was touching souls...well surely you've touched mine, cause part of you pours out of me, in these lines from time to time..."

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