Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Warning - Political - South Dakota Aims High at Roe.v Wade

A bill has passed through legislation in South Dakota in which a woman who is pregnant cannot get an abortion, whether she is seriously ill, has been raped, is a victim of incest - any circumstances where the woman is not going to die - abortion is an illegal act.
Of course there is an unless - if the woman (child, girl) reports an attack she is allowed a grace period in which the morning after pill is allowed.
It's a good thing those attacks are so often reported.
Read it for yourselves.
South Dakota Legislature 1215HB The Women's Health and life Protection Act
The Governor has said he will sign it when it lands in front of him.
This is the npr article from On the Point
I am in too much pain about this right now to comment further except to say -
Keep Your Laws Off My Body! (I had that pin in high school, I guess it's time to find it....)
In these bills there is an unbending weight of the life of the fetus, and in the process the life and all rights of the unwilling mother completely undefended.
A caller on the NPR show (who said in her life she has been both raped and had to make the choice to have an abortion) said "I understand that someone wants to protect the unborn child, but who is going to protect me?"

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