Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pink n Flash

Here is a shameless dance company plug:
Brian Brooks Moving Company rocks.
So does David Nueman's Advanced Beginners Group
An example of why Brain's work rocks is below:

that is Weena, she is one of the strongest able bodied women I know (up there with the various amazing circus women I know and or adore)
(but that is a whole other blog for a different time--)
She and Brain both danced (or Pop Actioned) with Elizabeth Streb.

Brian's work is intelligent, quick, articulate and doesn't take itself too seriously (it can't, he does lots of pieces where everyone is in some sort of over the top fluffy number all the time)
for instance:

David's work, is not the clean crisp lines of Brian's, but is as intelligent and challenging and they both push the limits of performance beautifully.

I am going to stop gushing. But if you have the chance to see either one of these companies.
Do it.

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