Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Odin's Aviary review of Right Before You Fell

I am still searching for official paper reviews...but in the meantime true friends review friends.

A small snippet from Jeff's thoughts about the show:
"Read about the inspiration for the show here, March 15. Some would have hated it. If I had gone looking for pin-point-perfect technique, or classical movement, or really anything conventional at all, I would have been disappointed. Instead I was uplifted by vignettes about trying to get along with and without people. Between dances, open doorways and closed doors were moved about on rollers by dancers dressed like nuevo gypsies, as they held a kind of movement dialogue with one another. Each had what seemed to be their own character, informing their choices and scenarios. Melissa's acrobalance experience shone through at certain points, particularly to a number choreographed to Tom Waits' "The Piano Has Been Drinking," a piece I was lucky enough to get a preview of at the Kinesis benefit in December (see 12/25/06 for a photo). That section, too, is a good example of one of the best aspects of Right Before You Fell: its sense of humor. I've known Melissa for a while now, so her brand of humor is about as familiar to me as anyone's. RBYF was a great manifestation of unbounded joy for living, and unabashed moments of the surreal."


Jeff Wills said...

Glad you appreciate my thoughts, Mel. In the midst of writing this up, I suddenly realized, "I'm writing a review! Oh crap!" I quickly comforted my own anxiety by recalling that I loved RBYF, so writing about it can't turn out all that badly, can it? Now: When do we see "Right After You Fell"? ;)

Melissa said...

I think that's another 6 years in the making....

Dame Wendy said...

Hey! I just read through your blog and took a look at the Kinesis Project website. Beautiful stuff!! I loved watching the clip you have up, it looks like it was such a joy to work on and to watch. :)

(fyi: if you click on the Photo Gallery by Ben Levine on the Kenesis website, and go to that page the links to go anywhere else from that page have "templates" added to the url and don't work. Thought you'd want to know. :) )


Melissa said...

Hey Wendy -
Thank you - for the compliments and the web info - I'll have to look at that -