Thursday, May 31, 2007

Birds and Lions

Still questioning -
In part because of life....but also because this is the "questions" time of the new work process.

If each choice in life was a flat, rounded river rock... where would it fit best under your feet?

What does it really mean to know what you want?

There was a while in life where I was quite convinced that if I felt I knew what would happen, if I could see it in my mind - then that was exactly what wouldn't happen. At that point it occurred to me that what you want should not be limited by your imagination.
Since our imaginings are only what we have seen, or read, or experienced, or can fantasize about.... all of those, even to their highest extreme, are not as boundless as life's possibilities.

For instance "If you can dream it, you can become it" - what if that stems from something a bit less fabulous and more wordy like
"If you've thought of it it's probably because you are capable of it so shut up and go for it."
Less fantastic and heroic yes, but it has a ring of truth to
Anyway, it's just a thought.

I have dreams of flight.
The first dream of flight I can remember is combined with falling down the stairs in the farmhouse I grew up in.
I was pretty little. I was still having dreams with my favorite blanket involved. (Leo. He was shaped like a lion.)

In the dream, I was attempting a luge-like maneuver via Leo.
(Don't try this at home...stairs don't work like a luge track. Considering the late discovery of this fact, I got lucky.)
As Leo and I bumped down the first set of stairs and came around the corner to take on the final, much longer set..... we took flight.
Ok, yes we were still inside, going down the stairs.....
but the bumpy ride had suddenly stopped, yet we were still going.
It was a gentle, swooping decent down that staircase.

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