Friday, June 08, 2007

Moving Quietly

an arm turns to show the soft skin
the part easily pierced.
a foot twists quickly.
hand a foot move together, the head shifts side...

Our bodies are one entity - a working moving communicating machine....
beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

what if that unified machine had a moment of complete disagreement in itself.
If the parts began to act out on their own?
As if the thoughts that might buffet your mind got a hold of your arm or knee for a second.

I know harmony lives somewhere in this piece...but I think we have to find the dissonance first.


Patrick said...

Dissonance and conflict is where the interesting stuff happens onstage. Harmony is to be sought out in life, but in performance, it can only resolve a piece. It can't sustain one.

Preaching to the choir, I know...

Melissa said...

Yessiree :-)
I have a such a strong image of the building towards a final moment...but I know we can't get there without the twitches and sludge