Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Open, Close, Open?

Gull(ability) closed on Thursday last week - I am proud of the work we did, excited about what we found between Monday & Thursday and really interested to see where it goes -
Friend Jeff again regaled us with thoughts and opinions....(thank you Jeff)

We have found, hired and are in rehearsal love with a new Odysseus
(sadly, Jared is now living in San Fransisco (silly guy) so his role needs to be passed on if we are to continue work on the piece...)
So I have brought in the wonderful Daniel Robinson - his normal job is dancing and singing his heart out in the Broadway production of Hairspray...
The best part is that he is excited to be dancing this role...with us, with Zoe, and in the park...

So on to the next....performance in Battery Park Sept 1, and then the whole Right Before You Fell she-bang goes to Philly for the Fringe Sept 7&8!

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