Saturday, December 08, 2007

In it..and finding

Empty is still there. Here. Present.
But I am not as empty.
New thoughts are falling into place...
So now I am IN change. Beyond the moment of transition and into the transition itself.

I have no doubt that this is a slow process. But I am fascinated none the less.

What is comfort...and what is the difference between what is comfortable and what is comforting. And what do you do to take action towards your own comfort.

Can the Empty be comforting? Independence is its own kind of comfort.
But I go back to the words of the Millay poem:
"there was a shutter loose, it screeched...swung in the wind, with no wind blowing
I was afraid and turned to you,
put out a hand to you for comfort.
And you were gone.

Cold, cold as dew under my hand, the moonlight lay....."


Patrick said...

Comfortable is safe. Comforting -as long as it's true- is healing. Safe isn't always best, but healing always is.

I think the Empty can be useful, important. If Empty is the same as Stillness, then I think it can be comforting.

I'll have to think on this more...

Melissa said...

Currently I see the empty in a similar vein of negative space...the place where there is it too has its own shape....

And it moves, it really does. Sometimes its in my heart, other times its next to me where he used to be...and sometimes its in my confused memory banks wondering what to do with the good memories...
(right now I am choosing to keep them as just that)