Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Self Portrait Take II

I move in small moments of quick decisions based on instincts
I have to wait for everything to align.
and in those moments I surprise myself with my

Zoe and Daniel are dancing beautifully and we are(thankfully) back in rehearsal -
I am looking forward to winding this piece around and around them -- building it into whatever story it becomes.

In its original thought moment, this piece was a wedding present.
Then it couldn't be.
As the empty plowed through me and took up residence in my limbs and chest,
I knew that the dance still needed to get made.
Now - I'm thankful this duet has been moving through the sometimes quiet and beautiful, sometimes sharp and jagged, moments of Emptiness.
I have more layers to fold into the movement. Another kind of missing. A displacement juxtaposed with a sense of grounding I never would have understood before.

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