Monday, March 03, 2008

What I learned today

I love being in rehearsal
I make dances about the little moments.
The bits we think aren't paramount until a little later.
Its the small in-betweens, the transitions between larger action, that makes up so much more of what we have in our relationships, our existence in general.
The big things matter, of course they do, but falling asleep wound around a lover is the possession of the moment after the explosion, and just as important in the grand scheme of determining in what realm that relationship exists.

I recently wrote a note that was never sent, and in it I proclaimed:
I play well, I like to laugh, I am loyal and an easy going spirit generally -
I love affection, warmth, daily tribulations...words, music, raw emotion and clear intention.
I was able to name it for that note - but then I hadn't linked together for myself why those are the things I find so beautiful in this life.
While in rehearsal today I again realized that in this dance I am focused on sleeping, minute interactions and the small points of energy that create the larger whole of what we understand as love and partnership.

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