Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flurry in spring

There are many small parts floating around right now trying to find their place in my brain -
This is, of course, also part of the process - letting the segments float, until, in a moment of focus, each finds their home in the work (or gets cut out in editing!)

Right now however, there is a sense of snowfall in my brain -
Each part is unique, but in a moment of blurry vision chances becoming a fuzzy pile of "same" white noise

I'm not really doing justice to snowfall...or my brain....
but - maybe you get my drift - oops!...pun alert!

Instead of bad about this one - its not a dance - yet.

Street Signs and Distance

in a face ready to smile
i find joy
i want to hold -
my eyes open
a lit room on 10th St.
full of dances
salty and laughing
in a small studio
on Bleeker St
a sleepy love duet
is replaying
down on 14th St.
limbs, mind and empty spaces
are excavating freedom in orange
beyond 200th St

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