Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am putting dances down and picking them up again.
like a pen on a desk that has a fun click release.
Click click.
Click. ok. now...STOP.

Lets focus on an event shall we?
I was asked to change the name of one of my dances to fit a theater's mission.
And I won't do it - I answered in a breath of time - not even! I twitched a little at the request
and Blurted a "No! I can't"
even though it was made by someone I am becoming friends with
and whose work I will enjoy being part of if it ever so happens....
But I can't and I won't -
name change not the point by the way -
the point is that the work Gull(ability) is inspired by (which usually in my work means more like "jumping off from", "bounding away from" or "with light touches of the concepts someone might have seen in" ) because when I say "inspired" I guess I really mean it -
it makes me think and dive off in a direction -
not necessarily the same direction the source may have gone or ended up -
Which I find darn exciting.

However - for things that could be chosen by this lovely theater are:
our Odyssey piece "My Steps Toward You"- which sticks a bit closer to story line,
and a (yet to be set on bodies) Macbeth piece "In the Lady's Words"

Time to send a link to my friend with the link! Ha! Words are funny.
Click. Click....

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