Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hit (Self Recognition 301)

or Diaries of a Pissed off Artist

I hit a wall last night
But today have found a new
and sudden
point of complete and total frustration.
If you know me, you may know that this builds slowly
can usually be controlled, brought back down to earth and realistic expectations with good conversation, some to-do lists and a sense that I am not alone in these life/art endeavors.
If you are getting to know me.
You might not know that.

I can say this:
- I am driven to completed action
- Process is paramount
but so is getting the thing done (whatever it is)
- Missing deadlines makes me nuts*
*this is a new discovery for me...
I spent my life not doing my homework...
interesting that I am so driven to complete things now-a-days
- I am capable of thinking its a good idea to shed EVERYTHING
and almost everyone in order to make sure the dance gets done
(p.s. That's not the best idea. Really.)
- I need to make the dances happen and I will go to as many lengths as I and my limits will let me to make sure they do.
(I also need to pay rent. but thats a different kind of need)

in these moments I also think
"What Would Batman Do?"
thanks to Dr. McNinja
which may not be the best thought ever...
our lovely Dark Knight is not known for his healthy sense of boundaries, limitations or relationships.

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