Friday, October 03, 2008


Oversized blue hats.
A challenge of interruption in action at an unknown moment.

Habits. The habits that create the comfort of who we are, as well as the masks of who we are.

How are those habits differentiated?
How can they be peeled apart and examined playfully?

(painting is by Joe Landry)


Patrick said...

Sounds like some interesting things are bubbling up from underground. Can't wait to see where these thoughts and images take you. I love that painting, too.

Homer said...

If I were wearing my Yankee hat, applying chapstick and someone were to interrupt me I don't know what would happen but it probably wouldn't be pretty. Looking forward to your take on lipstickus interupptus.

Melissa said...

Sweet Patrick, yes - it is always so surprising to me how if I follow my instinct towards things (even crazy blue hats) the stories that I am interested in take form and movement.

Dearest H, ha! yes - would be interested to see someone try to stop you from putting on your Yanks hat! Well so far "pretty" isn't the direction its going - and I love it!

We are using new choreographic tools that I am making up just for this project and that I garnered from my Omi experience -
So far (two rehearsals) the fun is going well!