Thursday, February 04, 2010

Almost there

We are so close to this huge project being realized - I am incredibly excited and totally thrilled that it is really happening.
Judson Memorial Church is the kind of space that has not only decades of dance history in its walls, but holds that history with beauty. It almost makes me want to start going to church again.

But not quite.

Because dancing is my church and has been for a long time - so...lets say this experience combines many things:
a dance that has been broiling to the surface for almost three years
my love for beautiful architecture
a need to laugh at ourselves and how seriously we take some of the strange parts of institutions in life
& a release into the unknown with a vision of a work so large that two days ago I was sure it wasn't going to happen.

oh but it will - and I will be thrilled... proud and happy to share it with you.
get some tickets....... here, I'll even give you a secret code: DANCER

here's a little funny snippet of Madeline's hat we filmed last fall....

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Devo said...

Crazy !!! i'd really like to be there !! anyway great blog :)