Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mapping Home - Step 1

I will post more about the overall experience of being at WGHS for the final performance of the work we did in my next post.

In addition to going up and seeing all of the students again (yay!) and getting some amazing feedback from students and parents I was asked (as you know) to perform.  I chose to work on something new...
and I can officially say:
The first Mapping Home solo has been performed....and in it a discovery made....
a question of comfort and home coupled with text about being uncomfortable...
hmmmm... more to look at there for sure.

In the meantime...
Text (and some pictures taken by my friend Lisa) below:

A sage whisper crawls up my thigh
...past my waist and breast...
it tickles with breathy advice
as I lean toward you...
"Complete a movement, words are the same...'like' doesn't feel this way"

I lean forward.

Blue eyes wonder

Why I start/stop sentences, phrases, movement
I have aquired an
Emotional stutter...

I can dance without stops,
I can wander this impossible city in one-long-breath
But I can't seem to tell you - that I..
I well...

My eyes close and I see eyelid movies of us...
Cold towel hooks tiles on my back..
a rose in pieces...
Red petal words cause stuttering in my brain
Like pumpkin seed thoughts, caught in my

I have bitten you, instead of telling you,
That I could find more -

I lean forward.
Taking weight in my hands..
Willing you to watch my mouth, tell you:
I am falling.

all photos by Lisa Shoemaker all text by M.Riker


Homer said...

Looks awesome! Looking forward to the vid.

Melissa Riker said...

video... hmmm - not so sure about that one actually - We'll see!