Sunday, April 03, 2011

A fast quote.....

The past week has been spent in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with a short side-trip to Mars...
oops, I mean Moab, Utah (hike on the Double O and Primitive trail included).

There have been eye-opening visits, new friends made and a wonderful and deep Mapping Home group conversation with a table filled with retired individuals that have lived all over the world:  past State Department employees, a yoga professional, Wilderness (that is WILDERNESS, with a "capital W") guides and constantly moving travelers...that have now settled in Steamboat

There were many memorable quotes in the evening, but this one, from my lovely Aunt sticks with me:
"We are here because we chose to be, but also because this place chose us. 
And, we are constantly re-inventing ourselves in our time here."
More soon -

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