Monday, June 06, 2011

design me

I look back at things I have written, posted...and the dances that I've built and I think:
Damn... I guess I'm not as private as I think I am.

Because I am.

But these dances aren't.
they are for sure "Written on the Body" as Jeannette Winterson wrote...
or as I said many years ago "All I have is my body to explain to you my mind."

All of the wonderings we pursue to make these works are parts of life that I am trying to understand and put together -
As a collective mind, most of what we talk about, the dancers are interested in exploring as well.......and since much of what happens to us in life is strangely funny, we do spend a lot of time laughing at ourselves.......

So when I look at it all as a collection..... I feel awfully and refreshingly vulnerable for all of us.

Mapping Home will be shown in it's current iteration of rough sketches tomorrow at the newly created Gibney Dance Center @ 890 Broadway.
Hope you can join us in our current search for ways of revealing ourselves to you.....

If you are far away, but are still interested, you can see the showing via our livestream.... Send me a love note, and I'll send you the link ;)

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