Saturday, October 01, 2011

Kaatsbaan 2011/Pressing Empty

Some of these shots are from day to day moments (or special moments in a day/evening) during our residency at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center.
Before our showing on Thursday night, we decided to run out and get in a short photo shoot.
There was dinner, class in the morning, poi to be spun (thanks to Ben) & yes, Neva went running almost every morning!
Enjoy -
This Blog in Pictures is for Sheila Callaghan... who likes the sound of dancers feet during performances ;)

Click here for the slide show


Sheila said...


Beth Megill said...

Just so you know. I found your blog. The dancers are stunning individuals and for whatever reason i am very draw to what you are doing. It feels like a similar spirit. Thanks for sharing.
Megill & Company
(Ventura Ca)

Melissa Riker said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks for the visit - I feel very lucky to have these fantastic people a part of my world. They constantly amaze me.

@Shelia - Yes!!