Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mapping:Home and Continuing on

we spent time with the talented and flexible Mollye Asher and Ed Barnes two weeks ago - filming segments of Mapping Home that had been borne out of our first Group Interviews.

Most of you know about Mapping Home (I'm playing with it looking like this "Mapping:HOME" thoughts?) our incredibly ambitious project of interviewing as many people from as many places/walks of life as possible about ideas of Home and creating work that is performed in sites that replicate/express/enhance those conversations......  We've interviewed 28 people so far: 30-somethings, retirees, grandparents, teenagers, nomadic artists.... more coming!!

Anyway - all of that to say - here's a little meta video enjoyment for you: we took video of Mollye and Ed actually filming our dances....

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