Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Might take awhile

Whew...its been awhile since I've seen this page --
I've felt not quite like me.
Not quite on my feet--but not on anyone else's I guess that's good.
I've begun the piece about wishing you hadn't said something - or maybe glad you did, just not quite sure you can deal with what comes NEXT-- and begun fixing the intimacy of a duet

Time space and dancers. those are the things I think of on a regular basis.

I have a mailing list database thing. Go here and I'll send you our first ever Every Once in a While Newsletter.
Its official. I'm marketing. Logo by Savage Candy

But I got off topic..... (surprised?)
I really do feel like the stars have been not quite aligned for me last month...each time I went to complete or consider completing something it was stymied....

If anyone knows anything about misaligned stars. Tell me. I want to know.

What am I saying? Am I suggesting that I want to know that my weird brain space is not my fault? that its Pluto's or Jupiter's or SATURN's?? (It was probably Saturn...that's what it felt like) Well, Yes, that is what I want to hear....but for lack of confirmation of my suspicions, I'll accept that all action is my own, and therefore I should take full responsibility for my inability to stand directly in my own shoes for a couple of weeks.

I am now more solidly in my own shoes. Or in my sole perhaps?

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