Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bliss or Something like it

Discovered a fun link to keep updated on the moon on a friend's new site - Moon Me Designs -
I like knowing what the moon is doing--I often feel like it has a lot to do with what I am doing at any one moment-
Lunar -Sea is something I've felt very connected to-- but not in a fall down crazy wacko kind of way -- more in a gentle, ah yes, I am made up of water and calcium kind of way----

Today is Joe's 32nd birthday-- We have an ice cream cake - although it is a mystery as to what kind of ice cream it is (the guy at Ben and Jerry's sweetly had no idea since it wasn't labelled on the bottom,) and of course I felt that the mystery cake was the only interesting way to go --

Mystery cake is one of life's best kept secrets.

As long as the mystery isn't that its FROZEN YOGURT ugh.

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