Wednesday, April 12, 2006


"Some days you get the bear....."
Has anyone seen "Grizzly Man" I've heard about it - a kid goes into the wild every summer for 13 years believing he has made friends with bears (grizzly ones) in the 13th year he and his girlfriend (poor soul, she didn't really want to be there, but she was worried about Grizzly Boy) are mauled and quite killed-ed by one of the bears - He was annoying I think, so I hear---
But whats all this about?
Change -
Can something that has always been one way change? Can you teach an old dog?
Can I learn to commit to one person (I think I can)
Can I learn not to jump on the backs of people I love and nibble on their ear lobes (I don't think so)
Can I learn to trust someone who has wronged me? (maybe?)
Should I?
That's really what I'm wondering.

And on to the new piece -- Jen's solo-- is exciting --
If only we could be in rehearsal...
No really - it is getting very unsual and playing with all of the themes I wanted to explore, and finding new ones...
I love that part....

Zoe and Jared are finding beautiful and cool moments of tenderness and tentativeness in the duet -that too is exciting for me... isn't all bad. today I'd call it Art 6, Love 3

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