Friday, December 29, 2006

A Shop of Fun

Hi there far-and-wide folks (& some not-so-far-or-wide)....

Happy almost 2007!!

I'm trying a shop thing for Kinesis Project -
I'm late (surprised??) for Christmas, but just in time for that feeling of "Oh, I never buy myself ANYTHING!" or "Gosh, I just didn't get enough magnets this year...."
The idea is if people far and wide are wearing/using our stuff....maybe we will spread far and wide --You never know - (note: I've been reading "The Tipping Point")
And yes, that is exactly why I made stamps and postcards -
(btw, if you spend $10, you get a page of 20 stamps for $7.80 - yes they are real stamps)

So even if YOU don't want to wear the stuff, maybe someone you know will want to -
Yes, Kinesis Project does get a percentage - between 10% and 17% - depending on whether you put a " * " at the end of the link...
(the asterisk makes it a "referral" link)

Here you go - have a ball! (I've ordered a number of things today) and of course - since this is a recent addiction - I will be continuing to make new items all the time--

love and hugs...

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