Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Superman, Quietly

I admit it - I often have fantasies connected to superhero costumes and saving those who cannot help themselves.
I often threaten that someday Joe is going to come home to find that I'm not home and have managed to sew all of my clothing together (ala Catwoman) into some sort of rakish and useful outfit and burst through the back wall to run off and save humans and non humans (but honestly, probably mostly women) from the hands of those who shouldn't be called human at all.

that was a bit of a rant...
But also a bit of the truth (however unfortunate)

HOWEVER. there was a real Superman yesterday - and my sweet Patrick saw it (kind of) in action -
A man jumped onto the tracks of the NYC Subway system in order to help a young man who had fallen during a seizure - a train was approaching and the men did not get off the tracks in time - However, the older man had had the presence of mind (Man in Tights Style) to FLATTEN them both between the tracks. Yes, they ended UNDERNEATH a train, but they were not hurt, just under something they couldn't move. Then to make beautiful and awesome additionally incredible, a woman recognized the need of the daughters of that hero to know their brave father was ok. She acted as a messenger between man (under the train) and child (on the Platform, sobbing in the arms of her sister)

I had been discussing and musing over the event with Patrick, and then morning walked out of the PATH at Hoboken to find that our 137th Street Superman had made the front page all over the place.

Costume isn't the important part.

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