Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bullets and an Addendum

Last night I had dinner with Dad's first cousin Donald (affectionately known amongst the cousins of my generation as "Donald the Spy") it was wonderful to see Dad relax with a family member who has known him his whole life, yet whom he doesn't feel protective around -
those may be a strange combination of thoughts, but he doesn't get to spend much time with his family, my aunt is in Colorado living (a very fit and fun) Steamboat life, and my fabulous cousins (each one Dad adores) are all following their respective stars in LA, Hawaii and ....well L is more of a nomad (see past posts on motorcycle cousin- or her very own thoughts here)

The other conversation that happened - having NOTHING to do with family or emotions was one with Debra - she was in the wacky (yet specific) chorus line in Bullets Over Broadway (see rant below)

Pretty crazy hmm?
We chatted for a while about Woody Allen and the movie in general - as well as (of course) my glowing praise over the fun and costuming of the dance numbers!

Ok - unless something else happens - I will stop talking about BoB
I swear.

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