Saturday, May 19, 2007


What is intimacy beyond touch?

Why is it so satisfying to be alone, yet in other moments feel like you might shatter from loneliness?

What are you are standing on, and how much of it was a conscious decision to have it be there?


Patrick said...

1) Being truly SEEN, I think, that is more intimate than touch. Sometimes those meeting of eyes is absolutely terrifying.

2)I think the loneliness is a feeling of isolation; so we can be in lonely in the middle of a crowd, or alone and connected to some deep place, whether it's the task in front of us, the beauty of our surroundings, or something mysterious yet palpable.

3)Harder for me to answer in a general way. In my case, I'd say precious little of it has been chosen consciously. Disturbing, but there we are.

Was yesterday a hard day? Hope today is feeling more connected.

Melissa Riker said...
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Melissa Riker said...

mmm...good thoughts Patrick...
the thoughts in the post doubled as my actual thoughts for the day, as things I am wondering about...but also I think they are themes that will appear in the new work.

Not a hard day so much as a thoughtful day I think. I keep coming back to these very basic ideas of joy and satisfaction as offshoots of deep connections to people and environment (sp?)

The foundation question stems from my own wonderings of what choices I have made vs. what has simply occured.