Friday, September 28, 2007

A Recipe...or, Commission if you Will.....

Take the same text - Kinesis Project's "Standing Room"
The concept of being in the same place at the same time and riffing on it.
Use dancers and/or non-dancers to see what answers come with the request of
Is this a commission? I believe it is.
I ask the world-wide creative community to Play....
Here is the text:
This is what I'm saying:
If I stayed here, and you
Came here
Then we would be standing in the same spot
at the same moment.
This one.
And that would be
Lack of distance
Covered by bodies -
and I wouldn't have to miss you,
Think I missed you.
This is how we do it:


Patrick said...

Hmm... this a fun assignment, but because I've seen the dance so many times by now, it's hard for me to separate the text from the choreography. I'll see what I can do though to wipe the slate clean somehow, so I can start with the words alone.


Melissa said...

Hmm...I can see how that might be tough - but it could make it go in a really interesting direction....

Dame Wendy said...

I've had this on the brain for the past couple days.

I mentioned it over on my blog so hopefully more will come over and play. :)

Melissa said...

Thank you Wendy!
Miss you!

Ithaca Night Life, NY said...


This is Dance 4 America checking in, and taking a look at your great recent inclusions. Now for recent comments about choreography:

Everything is in the eyes of those who sees from their own perceptual lense. None the less, it is the real choreographer who understands the challenges which went into making music work in artistic movement of the human frame. Thus the objective of each new music to be worked it to create a separation between previous work, show individualities - thus you are taking fron another's work, and make it markable so to sell tickets.

All that takes years, and after 52 years of dancing I full aknowledge this. Though was at first, but after years clarity about ones own individual personality clearly make each item easier and easier, and guess what. The audience will see it too to their fullest expectations of enjoyment.

Everyone, be careful, for ultimately when you start to think in quick problem solving terms about choreography the only person you will hurt is yourself.

There is always present within the actual ethos or creative environment between the dancer's id, or subconscious, and the creative impulse to let loose pined up creative elements which is always present in the subconscious. Damage to this process becomes ewvident when you can not see beyond your own personality, or try to look at thing as three sided emotions.

Think positive, and understand everything is relative to the time you put into your self and others as yoiu still and will every discover new turns and moves.


Mr. Roger M. Christian
607 - 451 - 8663
607 - 279 - 9945

Melissa said...

Thank you everyone for your thoughts - I have been away from this for a while, but am now back - the exciting news is that I now have the poem translated into THREE languages.
1. Latvian
2. Hungarian
3. Mandarin

I am so very excited -

Mr Christian, thank you for your thoughts - I am unclear about the base of some comments, but to be sure you do understand that I am not asking anyone to rush out and make something quickly -
I am simply opening up the idea that in a work about people understanding one another, there are many many ways for that to be created. I have my way that was built and has been re-worked over the past 7 years (and counting.) But there are so many amazing voices all over the world, that I am hoping to help create an international forum - a place where the jumping off point is similar, but due to the variations, the final products are hugely different.

Please do not confuse widespread with injured integrity, or assume that sharing my work will result in lackadaisical dance making.

But again, thank you for the attention to detail you offer.