Thursday, November 08, 2007

Time in a space

My Mondays are my studio time right now -
Time with Zoe and Daniel dancing through what I had thought would be a gift of one kind, is now morphing to become a complex and layered piece of love and loss.
Based in a piece of music written by very talented friends Doug Silver and Andrew Frank...this duet is surprising me in its pointed relevance to my life and the loss I am in the midst of,
and the various kinds of love I get to continue to have, even if the major player of (most of my life actually) is choosing to step out.

More later.


Patrick said...

This is one of the great gifts we have as artists, though it's often bitter-sweet, as it is for you now. But having someplace to explore, examine and celebrate our lives, it's a good thing. I can't wait to see this duet.

Melissa said...

Thank you Patrick...
I am so thankful to have these bodies to place the information on...and see what grows from what we have in the room...
it is a lovely way to process life right now..