Saturday, November 24, 2007

In this time

In a moment of quiet, what occurs?
Do you empty your stored up tears or find comfort in silence?
What do you feel when there is a body next to you, relaxed...
an arm thrown over you, so you can hold the quiet hand that is there with love?
What, besides the obvious is missing when that body is no longer there?
Where is the space in us that the Empty exists? Or, does it move?


Patrick said...

"What, besides the obvious is missing when that body is no longer there?"

Ah, this is the question, isn't it. There are the shared routines, some of which didn't even seem that important until they disappeared. There's the sound of a key in a door making your heart leap. There's the careful avoidance of endearments heard and said that formerly came easily. Or there's discomfort when they ARE used. There are those thoughts, sights and experiences we store up to share with the one person who would appreciate them the way we do, only to realize we can't share them anymore.

I think the space does move, in other words.

Remember I love you.

Melissa said...

those are beautiful, albeit painful, thoughts Patrick...thank you...
Careful, when you see this duet...there may be some moments you have inspired by your words.
You are a treasure.