Saturday, December 15, 2007


Tomorrow is our day in the studio -
Time for dreams and negative space.
Negative space has such a, well, negative sound.
Maybe there is something else I can call it.
Outerspace, auraspace, livespace, live skin, empty skin...

Hmmm...empty skin might be the way to go...

Thats what I am working your skin, your being feels when he/she is there...
your person
next to you or near you...and then what is it that is missing when they are not. Like the space on the pillow or the dent in the bed, or how big a small apartment can feel with only one body in it.
I told someone that I had allotted time in my day for standing near him.
It was the truth, but I am still working over for myself what that allotted time fulfills.

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