Monday, December 17, 2007

Mouth off...Nicely

Here I am. standing near you.
Does it move/nudge/interest you?
Have the cells of your skin moved at all?
Am I thinking too much?
Of course I am. I always am. That's how dances get made.
But wait. I know where the hairs on your arm are, I know what you'll do if I lean back into you
Or I think I...
Here I go again, again.
I close my eyes I remember what your lips feel like. the soft curve.
Stubble (I'm always a day late)
and that I always want an extra one.
Either they are nice or I am greedy.........perhaps both.

and there it is. The empty has moved its way into my mind. I question words, over think moments and melodramatically consider never speaking to you again.
But I can't do that -
Souls connect and
"part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time."
so for now I'll think about
Leaning backwards and getting caught by desire,
Consider reaching out to be lightly kissed...
Find contentment with my independence and empty while making fabulous mind altering revelations about my own near and far future.

Devil May Care - by The Devils Panties

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