Thursday, December 20, 2007

Under the fist of Homer

Skating in Bryant Park with Megan who has just successfully escaped grad school tedium for another semester --
So, in the shadow of a bright yellow fist of Homer Simpson, and with the glow of the yellow lit Empire State Building (yes, it was yellow for the Simpsons Movie, Megan checked)
We celebrated her temporary student freedom by bravely (and I mean that) donning skates (for free, thanks to the Simpsons) and swishing, stumbling, talking, attempting to dance, giggling and almost killing a child (that was me, not Megan) - we kept it short, which was smart.
And I want more.
More skating.
More free time.
More time with friends to play, and brainspace taken up by the simple coordination of putting one skate, er, to the side of the other...and maybe remembering some of my little tricks I used to do.
But now, to top off a week of things that haven't happened in years - I climbed my out of shape ass back up some fabric thanks to the forever generous and always fun Madeline...and even better in a space built by an old friend, Natalie...

My metaphysical insides are feeling life acutely both pain and joy seem to be heightened.

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Moheggie said...

I want more too!! Who knew that a 4 year old in a helmet would be inspiration? :) I loved skating again yesterday and seeing some downtown dance. What a great way to start the week! Hope to see you soon when you get back from your travels.