Friday, December 28, 2007


a magical time is coming to an end.
and this time,
it is my fault.
I am not the only one getting hurt.
A very close friend is getting much more damaged then I am.
She is losing her freedom, her escape, her annex... if you will.
And I did it.
Complacency sucks.
Even when you don't even know you are doing it.
and a trillion times worse when you do.
I'm speaking in riddles.
But let me tell you folks... when you hear your inner voice telling you to do something
Freakin' LISTEN UP and do it.


Patrick said...

Yikes... this sounds scary. I won't speculate here, though I note the word 'annex'. Talk to you soon...

Melissa said...

yeah. blech.
I am feeling less guilty awful today.
However I still stick to my last statement-
Follow your gut.