Sunday, February 10, 2008

Memories and Currents

this was written and posted two years ago.
and now, here I am -

My question to ponder in rehearsal tomorrow is:
In a dance about an Empty and the juxtaposition of hope co-existing with a confusing and surprising loneliness - where do you place the next step? the good kind of missing.
the warmth of possibility. 

Tomorrow's recipe might look like this:
Start with a bit of Empty, mixed with a touch of Memory and a dash of Hope.
Or it might have some of this:

leaning backwards
into a sense of There

melting forward
to a stubble kiss

Flight is a blurry release
and worry

'til clear water reality
tumbles though
this cloudy mindscape

through easy walks
direct and playful eyes
distracted question marks

with a warm request

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