Monday, March 17, 2008

Setting a Piece...again

Last week I found the end of the duet -
This week, looking at it again, I am pretty sure it is the right one for now-

"What kind of commitment is that?" You ask - with one eyebrow up...
Its as much as I can give at this moment - as much as I know - and I will say this:
All of my dances are still changing and becoming...

Hopefully so am I.

Here's a text tidbit:

Curves and Questions

A New York rain
I am a woman shaped
Question mark
Curves in space

Left with a shortened
Hanging on lips

Sprinting across wet streets
Your name
Pours from my mouth

Like a New York rain.
Here is the piece performed by Gina

Curves and Questions
Uploaded by kinesisproject

Why am I telling you this?
You'll see.

1 comment:

Patrick said...

Oooh, a surprise in the making hmm? You know I love surprises. And yes, sometimes knowing "this is the end, for now" is all we should hope for. Fun to take the memory trip with Gina; how much has changed since then. How much we have changed.

Can't wait to see the new piece.