Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Someone Else

I've seen two shows by friends this week, well technically one was last week, and one was this week...
Anyway - The overall experience of all of it?
A deep and overarching joy that I am here, watching my friends make work that is good, well received and fulfilling for all involved.
(Audience and performer/choreographers)
the constant energy of this city is a gift and a curse. I know it -
But when the beauty is out - it is all over the place....and, yes, Kate - coming straight up through those gorgeous cracks in everything.

So I (thank you Patrick) Raise my glass - To Jennifer, for the depth of her dances and the strength in her limbs, To Wendy for the wild joints, mischief and the breath, and to Brian (and Weena), for the never-ending joy in moving and demonstrating fearlessness again and again.

Thank you for clearing my mind of worries- and keeping me in New York City. For now.

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