Monday, March 10, 2008


I have made a duet that is loving-
Believe me folks, I'm as confused as you.
I told Zoe today that I don't think I am actually in charge of the creative part of my brain.
That somehow there is somebody else in there (some call it intuitive creation...I call'll get back to you on that one) making the decisions then opening my mouth and giving direction.

Really -

Admittedly, it is also the dancers and what they are bringing into the room -
Zoe is very in love and happy planning her wedding (which is soon fyi - I'll be a bridesmaid hanging out in Georgia in weeks!) so asking her to dance empty and loss is kind of tough - add Daniel, who is also full of life and comes into our rehearsals because he loves the challenge of the work and loves dancing with Zoe....put those things in a blender...
and I guess it makes a loving duet.
Also maybe add in that for some reason that is what I need to make - and voila.

So. I guess that is what it will be -
It is a layered dance...and there will be more to come -

Of course NOTHING is permanent.
EVEN love duets.
Jennifer Harmer dancing "The Other Thought"
photo by min win

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