Thursday, May 14, 2009

Note to Self III or Side Step (but still VERY important)

I have to tell you something.
I have an overdeveloped sense of "Me Do" while simultaneously getting caught up in snares of wacked funds, injections of art-fear and a tangled bit of self-devaluing.

After a conversation this breast-plate, and sense of what I hold back in myself is cracked open in a way it hasn't been in years.

I am busting up and through these barriers of my own glaceing.
Everything takes time. Healing, revelations and dances.
But. All of those things also take action. Here we go. Thanks for listening.


Patrick said...

Time and action. Yes indeedy. It's so easy to forget the necessity of both, just as it's easy to get impatient with our healing time tables (been having similar discussions with another friend or two). I look forward to seeing and discussing your recent discoveries, however they manifest. I note the seagull image with interest. xoxo

Homer said...

Pausing before action makes me think of my cat Sebastian; how he thinks a moment before he leaps up onto a surface he cannot see on top of. Up!

Melissa said...

I love discussing these things with you Patrick! More of that. In uptown restaurants that are oh-so-easy to get further uptown from!

Homer - I love the image of Sebastian ready for something...and that he's willing to leap even though he can't see what is there...I hope I am so brave.