Sunday, December 06, 2009

Empty. and Walking.

In 2007 I choreographed our show Right Before You Fell - it was a piece that explored what might happen if all of the elephants-in-the-room, or things we don't manage to say, were physicalized. To serve all that is unsaid.....there needed to be an awkward love story (or two) wound in for good lack of communication.

One "love story" was a series of duets between a singer and a dancer to Crazy by Willie Nelson.
The internal narrative of the dance is a women walking the city to clear her mind of love...but she imagines hearing his voice and his kisses flying towards her on the air.

While I was building the piece with Zoe, my Grandfather (Poppy) passed away.

I came back to the studio knowing deeply that this dance was not just about a break up, but also the intense sense of presence and forever that now fully immersed my Grandmother.

Poppy was gone, but Nanny was feeling him around every corner, and waiting patiently (most of the time) for him to show up, laugh and help her make some sauce.

It didn't happen. Until now. Yesterday my Grandmother passed away. Quietly ushered into death with words of love from my Mom, Dad and me.

And when we celebrate her life tomorrow and Tuesday these new dances about emptiness and fulfillment will begin to be filled with the wisdom of loss, the joy of finding home, and the bubbling laughter that we all can't help but equate with Nanny.

She has always been a wise voice and good listener. She had the strength of love in her actions and words. She will be missed in body here - but her loving ways and advice are part of all of us and will never be lost or forgotten.
Theresa Cerone Sanducci 1926-2009


Manifesting Patty said...

my deepest condolences. I wish I could have seen the dance it sounds beautiful!. Sending you light and love! xoxo

Melissa Riker said...

Thank you MP!
We had a wonderful time building "Right Before You Fell", and it may come back to be seen again (it was quite popular.)
In the meantime, I'll let you know when the new one is happening...
Maybe grad school will let you break away for a little while in early Feb?

xo M

Patrick said...

It's lovely to think of your grandmother being reunited with her great love. There's much comfort there, even as I know you mourn the loss of them both. In Quaker terms, I'm holding your whole family in the light.