Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mixed, Relieved and Happy

I have been working on Pressing Empty for three years. You have been reading about it for roughly the same amount of time - not sure you believe me?
Here's the first process post from Dec. 2007.

Emotions after such a large undertaking is accomplished are always complicated. This experience is nothing different. I have moments of utter joy that it has been completed and accomplished after years of thought, movement and writing - and then moments of abject sadness.
HOWEVER, the sadnesses seem to be much more temporary than the joy.
A good sign of more to come and continuing to hone "what it is".

I'm complicated. What can I say?

With the amazing power of music by Katie Down, the lovely lighting of Zac Mosley, the final costuming by Tracy Klein, the incredible support of my right arm Laura Schlachtmeyer and this amazing, fearless cast I have been so lucky to gather - it can all happen again, each time a better stronger work.

Images I love from this performance:
Photos by Bob Riker
Hilary Brown, Madeline Hoak, Jun Lee Zoe Bowick, Nik Priest, Ben Oyzon, Hilary Brown, Rebecca Patek, Wiebke Shuster, Madeline Hoak, Laura Colon Jun Lee, Madeline Hoak, Rebecca Patek, Hilary Brown, Ben Oyzon, Haley Willcox
Jun Lee, Madeline Hoak, Wiebke Shuster, Rebecca Patek, Hilary Brown, Haley Willcox Hilary Brown Hilary Brown, Zoe Bowick, Rebecca Patek, Jun Lee

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