Monday, March 22, 2010

The Torture of Order

Week 4
My Ensemble class are troopers...they are in the process of building a piece that currently has no order...that experience can seem endless when your mind is just full of segments of movement
(see last post's reference to J, 4, T, 5, 6, etc)

They are all capable of the movement I dole out - and what a joy that is...I can throw things at them that would be seen in a class in NYC and in choreography in KP - the challenge for all of us is the ever-growing question: What will this new piece for this class be?

well I don't know!

OK, so that isn't true - I have plenty of ideas...more each day.

We are starting here:
..Memories of someone you miss, the details of day-to-day, excitement at the prospect of seeing them again...

But what it might be in story and content is completely up to them...their life experiences, their choices in movement and together we will build something that has movement that comes jumping out of me, and sections that are completely theirs. I love it - and I hope they can dig deep enough to find excitement for their own stories shining through in this work.

One bit of fish-out-of-water admittance here: I have to order costumes out of catalogs!

I can do it. I can do it. (chant with me now...)

Dances? Classes? 41 minutes to warm-up, teach something and create choreography?
No problem.
Glittery catalogs of smiling dancers in top hats? ARGH!

Hey...wait...some of those are cute.....this could be... fun!

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