Monday, March 29, 2010


This is the week of self-doubt.
When I started teaching I was going to create dances like no-one had ever seen before on the WG stage...
And now I'm not so sure.
At least about my beginner classes -

We are still having fun - and all of us are learning - but there are bumps in the road -
Like...the levels of training, the level of focus (or lack thereof) and the questions I have about how to build a piece based only on what I walk in the room with -

There isn't time to build something extravagant or full of concept because I taught for a week, started building phrases and now have 41 minutes a day to create each piece.

Sometimes I end classes feeling as though the experience is well worth the confusion of choreographing this way - and sometimes....

I hear the voices of my teachers "Choreograph to music without words first" and feel like I am mis-leading them.....
...or there is a sense that I am accidentally choreographing something that falls directly into the recital focus genre that I so strongly disagree with as a teacher, dancer and choreographer....
because here I am with my kids dancing to DJ Earworm

and Jay Sean

Why? Because my gut told me they would be that much more on board, get more out of this experience...and be more open to trying things if we were dancing to music that made them happy immediately and gave us all a lift when we crank it up and dance.
The good news, is that it does...hopefully the bad news is all in my mind.

Lets call it an experiment.

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