Friday, July 16, 2010


Its 11:50 on Friday morning and I may end up traveling my way downtown... but before I do that - there are some new internal workings I feel I should bring up to you -

My sense of HOME has always been screwy. Not in a bad sense... just in a wandery are-you-sure-this-is-home sense.
I find this interesting because I grew up in one house - unlike many of my friends, my folks didn't move until after I was living in NYC (which explains my retardation when it comes to trying to navigate around near them) So I would think I'd have a very good sense of what feels like home.


Dumb as a doornail.
ok, not really -
but I've never had the "This is home and I will always live here foreverness and a day" feeling. (though where I am right now is the closest I've come...I think it is a combination of the relationship and the work we've done to make this spot feel this way.)
Yet in friendships I have been blessed at a sense of home with people that have stayed close friends - sometimes in very surprising meetings (PATH trains, parks, sidewalks, etc)....its easy and comfortable. And I can stay present without effort.

And this is why MAPPING HOME has begun. Because I want to know how it works for other people besides me (I get bored of me quite quickly, I'd much rather know about you, us, and everything)

What does home feel like?  And where is it outside of a normal concept of home?
For me, more than any building besides the one I grew up in, the beach is home to me. Put me near a body of water and I may not move away from it for hours.... (consider yourself warned!)

Kinesis Project will actually be interviewing individuals to learn more about how people relate to home - you can let me know via comments if you'd like to be part of the first wave of discussions.


kenya said...

I'm up for it, but may take a while...

A.H. Dance Company said...

I grew up shifting homes in different countries and so did my parents. A global nomad of sorts. I'd love to be a part of this project if you're still interviewing people.

Melissa Riker said...

@Kenya - I'm looking forward to it however long, or however many tapes it might take.

@AH Dance Company, we absolutely are. - I will let you know when we begin the process - it should be only a few weeks away.

Thank you!