Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tough on Equipment, But Nice Anyway.

Life has stages.
On some, good art happens, on others...mediocre.
My hope?
that I'm standing on the right one at the right time.

ok, fine.
That was a bit of a departure from the initial thought.
Lets's start over:

Life has stages, and transitions.
Some are large Goal-Post-Surrounded-Landmarks. Most, however, are imperceptible moments that let light in just a little more.
They let us "become", gently.
The curve in conversation where it is clear that the future is irrevocably changed, the past is most definitely in the past and not to be revisited or really discussed....
Something makes you realize that each step is a step away from "this" and toward "next" ....
That each morning woken up with a beautiful smile and cup of coffee is another day of happiness.
....Fact is, you probably knew these things already - but there are little reminders that snap perspective into place....and they are usually not big and dramatic experiences.

But for me, that's where the dances live. In those tiny moments that we have the freedom to poke around in, to make them a bit bigger, to shake them up and place them on stage for all of us to point and laugh, or to wonder at our own ability to shut out change.

(for those of you reading this on Fbook, video from Pressing Empty is embedded here)

During the three years of building Pressing Empty, my life was restructured and rebuilt - filled to the brim with a home, creativity, smiles and generosity.... my friends are blessed beings and my love is amazing.

There is a little girl whose life I follow closely out of a protective love for her and her parents.
Her growth is a physical example of the changes I have seen.  Her amazing journey and incredible parents are my gentle tracking of our lives and how we stand up for who we are. How I have changed, who she is becoming, the choices we all make and which life we want. Her family has had to fight for their lifestyle - she has become a beautiful little fighter and I look forward to teaching her to dance.

I want this life I have been lucky enough to stumble into - and I want to keep sharing it with my loved ones, their families and...
I will keep inviting you in.

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