Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Confabulation - Brain Dances

My friend Daniel posted this word last week sometime  -
And its been turning over and over in my mind since.....
1. To talk casually; chat.
2. Psychology To fill in gaps in one's memory with fabrications that one believes to be facts.
[Latin confabulari, confabulat- : com- , com + fabulari, to talk (from fabula, conversation; see fable).]
confabulation n, confabulator n, confabulatory adj

How the mind puts together stories... and how they are accepted-

Sparks interesting thoughts also that "to talk casually" is the same word as "fabrications"

Perhaps it is getting closer to the bit I said to friend Erin the other day "A really good liar doesn't always know they are lying, because they believe themselves in that moment."
So "casually" able to "fabricate"...

However, for those of you playing along at home.....(most of you?)
- Confabulation is NOT lying -
It is a psychological disorder -

I imagine it to be much like my Grandmother's conversations in her last year during moments of dementia. We would jump from a reality of 1940, to now, to a news program she had seen, to something completely made up.... all warped/wrapped up in one story, with her as the main knowledge on her part that it wasn't exactly true.
I miss those stories -but that's another entry entirely.

But.. what about those of us that do not have a disorder.... what about the moments when our realities don't mesh with what is in front of us...
You have heard it plenty of times: "I couldn't see it, even though it was right in front of me"
What do our minds want us to see?

How much of it is patterning....and how much of it will go away with time and change of scenery?
We are patterned, our brains have pathways that get used more regularly...we tell ourselves stories to get used to the way things are.... or are not.
The song by John Doe "Golden State"... not sure why it comes to mind with this word... maybe because of his raw and fantastic imagery...both sweet and bloody - the two things that combine to make relationships, people... memories stick together or fall apart - each person with their story of how it happened and why.  Course...I don't know what "the feeling you get in the Golden State" is.... but I know what it is to walk away...and to be walked away from.

John Doe and Cindy Wasserman - Golden State


Will Webbyte said...

And I wonder if we all "confabulate" to a certain degree.

Melissa Riker said...

I think we can't help ourselves -
we all have our own version of what is happening in life.
But I do think some people have a tighter grip on reality and their effects on others than some...