Thursday, September 16, 2010

Like an onion paired with chocolate cake

Living in this funny place of two pieces in my mind at the same time (actually there are more than that...but let's call it two for simplicity sake) I have Pressing Empty and the new work MAPPING HOME wandering through and bumping into one another regularly.

Again I am struck with my reasons for making dances. Pressing Empty uncovers the minute moments of decision making that get us to where we are (and whether it is where we want to be...), Mapping Home is, so far, based on who we are and how that is expressed in our world around us....or not.

Mapping Home looks for the place of "safe" and "home" that we don't often get to visit - the spaces on this earth that you'd rather sit in, the place that gives you a release and sense that you are exactly who you are, partially because of this spot, or spots like this.

Folding Chair by Regina Spektor. fabulous summery and playful...
("I've got a perfect body, though sometimes I forget; I have a perfect body, because my eyelashes catch my sweat...")

And in the joy of finding out where we feel most ourselves...there is always a little time spent looking back at how we became.
Recently I have been thinking about who has helped build me, and what we are all doing love, married, gone, still searching... and as I have before, what part of those building blocks get discarded, and what is still essential.  What is it about these places we feel at home that express both who we are in our purest form, and how we have arrived at who we are.

So much more to discover...and just as the cake is layered with sweetness, the onion's peels bring tears.
More soon...

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