Saturday, October 09, 2010

From theory to feet

Next week begins rehearsal of Mapping Home.
...and I wonder - when will I walk into a dance studio with an idea that HASN'T been wandering in my mind for YEARS?
Maybe it will always be this way -

About 10 years ago a friend told me a I have an emotional "simmering" time. 
Say something to me, walk away, let it move around, perhaps hit all the right synapses, come back and THEN I react.
But that was ten years ago....
I'd venture to say that my "brain to mouth filter" is in a mostly off position these days... thanks to that same friend and extremely significant relationships - expression is good, clear expression is great - clear expression with a strong dose of generosity is best.

However - with seems to still be true - an image appears and three, four sometimes ten (!) years later, a dance appears.

I'm a little slow, I guess.

But the timing needs to be right - in me, and in life to make the dance make sense...

So here comes Mapping Home - slowly down the pike - years of thinking about what feels like home to me - wondering why I don't need a house to plan for or why I've never really felt at home inside walls...........picking up speed to find myself in a place emotionally where home is an independent choice, and a neighborhood that though far from many things I call comforts, feels freeing and more like a place I could stay for a long time than most other spots I've lived...... and finally running downhill as I realize thanks to the internet that my need bring the audience into the work - into the process and having a voice in how it happens at all can be actualized ....... to this point... walking into the studio to see where we are starting.....we are picking up momentum and reality...all good things so far -

Tuesday: we will start with the dancers in the room, our thoughts of Home, and move outward-

Currently the only way to be interviewed is to be part of our Kickstarter Campaign - once that is successful, we will move on to the next community and volunteer options -

So spread the word and let people know this is beginning -
dancers Jun Lee and M.Riker / photo by Eva Yaa Asantewaa

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