Friday, October 29, 2010

In it. Again.

An Iron. Curtains. Chairs. Soup. Cooking. A comfy bed. Freedom to yell from room to room. A cast-iron skillet. Knowing where things are, even in the dark. A toilet. A coffeemaker...
Some things sound funny when people realize what it is that makes an indoor space feel like Home.
and then... there is the abstracted idea of Home -
A place outside of the "normal" idea of home that brings you a feeling of self. Of peace.
Rolling water under a surf board.
A wide vista from a breezy hillside.
Family members.
Contraptions that Move you (ski lifts, trapeze, swings...)
here's a little video of our (slightly messy) process from recent days in the studio
and a gentle reminder to those of you that haven't yet explored the full project...
visit our Kickstarter page to get involved... :

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